Wound Healing Aid
Zoo Med Laboratories

A topical antiseptic to help heal cuts, burns, and abrasions on reptiles. Can also be used to help topical infections on toads.2.25oz 

SZMMD32 $5.55 


 Repta-Aid Critical Care Formula For Insectivores and Carnivores
Fluker Labs

Reptiles that have been introduced into a new environment or have recently been imported, may become malnourished and dehydrated. This critical care supplement provides essential energy for pet reptiles. 50gm 

SFK73030 $8.45 


Worm Guard
Nature Zone

A natural supplement for control of internal parasites. Kills Internal Worms & Parasites. Safe & Natural - No harsh chemicals. Easy to use- Feed as a paste or liquid tonic. G.R.A.S. ( Generally Recognized As Safe) Food Quality ingredients *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

SNZ59321 $7.99  

Anti - parasite Medicated Food for Water Turtles/ Amphibians

Aids in the control of internal parasites such as protozoans (amoeba and flagellates), nematodes (roundworms, pinworms, hookworms) and other intestinal worms. FOR REPTILE USE ONLY! NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! 4.5oz

SJUTF350 $5.99 


Anti - parasite Medicated Food for Tortoises/lizards 

Aids in the control of internal parasites such as protozoans (amoeba and flagellates), nematodes (roundworms, pinworms, hookworms) and other intestinal worms. FOR REPTILE USE ONLY! NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! 2oz

SJUTF250  $5.99

Anti - bacteria Medicated Food for Tortoises/lizards

Formulated for use with all tortoises, iguanas, and other plant eating species, and all plant/insect-eating species, such as box turtles, bearded dragons, blue-tongued skinks, tegus and dabb lizards (Uromastyx). Promotes good health by aiding in the control of internal bacterial infections, such as enteritis, septicemia, kidney disease, respiratory distress and eye infections, and aids in the healing of external cuts, sores and abrasions. Also aids in the control of coccidiosis. FOR REPTILE USE ONLY! NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! 2oz

SJUTF200  $5.99  

Repta - rinse Eye Rinse
Fluker Labs

Fluker's Repta Eye Rinse is a non-irritating solution with antimicrobial properties used to treat and prevent bacterial infections in captive reptiles. Captive reptiles often develop eye infections resulting in swollen eyelids, ocular discharge and impaired vision. Fluker's Eye Rinse may be used to irrigate the eyes and eliminate certain microbes. 

SFK73040 $4.30 

Turtle Eye Drops
Zoo Med Laboratories

Opens and cleans inflamed turtle eyes. Use as a preventative for eye diseases caused by vitamin A deficiency. Especially helpful with box turtle eye problems.2.25 oz 

SZMMD30 $4.45 

Turtle Eye Drops 1.7oz 2-pack
Nature Zone

Turtle Eye Drops is a gentle ophthalmic rinse and cleanser that helps remedy and prevent eye infections in turtles by cleansing the eye and removing any dirt or organic material which may be irritating the eye. Turtle Eye Drops softens encrusted eyes allowing the turtle to open them and resume normal behavior and activities. Turtle Eye Drops should be used twice daily until the problem is resolved. 

SNZ59211 $9.99 


Appetite Plus 1.7oz  2-pack
Nature Zone

Appetite Plus is a concentrated solution of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B-12 has been shown to stimulate the appetite in most vertebrates. An animal may loose it's interest in eating for many reasons, a new environment, a bad experience eating live prey, an illness. APPETITE PLUS will stimulate an animals hunger naturally. APPETITE PLUS is administered by placing a drop or two, daily, in the animals mouth. After a couple of days the animal will display an interest in feeding. APPETITE PLUS is administered daily until the animal is eating on a regular basis. Should the animal loose interest in feeding again, APPETITE PLUS may be used as often as necessary. 

SNZ59231 $8.99  

Jurassi-fruit Appetite Stimulator Spray

JurassiFruitĒ is an all natural scented odor and flavor enhancer. Our research has shown that many reptiles, primarily herbivores, are attracted to natural fruit scents/odors, such as strawberry. Simply spray JurassiFruitĒ onto any food item to attract finicky eaters. Ideal for all reptiles, especially herbivores (tortoises & iguanas).

DIRECTIONS: Spray food before feeding. There is no danger of overdosing so use as liberally or sparingly as you find best suits you.

Available in Strawberry or Banana

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Essential Probiotics 2.8oz
Nature Zone

ESSENTIAL PROBIOTICS is a Nutritional supplement of NATURAL organic nutriceutical ingredients combined with 5 probiotic (friendly) bacteria specifically formulated to increase the health and vigor of pet reptiles and amphibians. 

SNZ54113 $6.00 


Shed Away 2-pack
Nature Zone

SHED AWAY is a moistening, softening, and lubricating skin lotion. SHED AWAY will help a reptile shed properly by providing moisture and lubrication which may not be available in a dry cage environment. SHED AWAY will help remove a bad shed or pieces of an old shed that are remaining by softening the old dead skin and then facilitating its removal by moistening and lubricating the tissue. 1.7oz

SNZ59221 $9.99 


Repti Shedding Aid
Zoo Med Laboratories

Aids in removing dry sheds from snakes and lizards. Shedding Aid conditions your reptiles' skin and provides a visible sheen. Long lasting! Works between sheds. 2.25 oz 

SZMMD31 $4.45  


Shed Ease Spray Conditioner

Easier shedding plus a healthier new skin. Treats imbalances caused by poor health, low humidity. Twenty minute bath completes shedding for most reptiles. Like a spa treatment for a skin-shedding pet. Even in the healthiest terrariums, reptiles can have more trouble shedding their skin than they would in the wild. Shed-Ease makes the process much easier, thanks to a rich formula of aloe vera and other emollients that soften the old skin and add healthy luster to the new. After 20 minutes in a bath of Shed-Ease and water, most old skins slide off easily. Works even for reptiles suffering from stress, poor health, improper diet or a lack of humidity.8oz 

SRZ100011549  $7.10  

Tropical Mist Conditioner

Restores peak moisture levels for tropical reptiles. Simple once-a-day spray straight from the mist bottle. Heightens coloration and restores natural sheen. A health-giving moisture treatment for tropical pets. Keep a tropical reptile healthy even in the driest indoor climates with a daily spritz of Tropical Mist. Enriched with therapeutic emollients, vitamins and Aloe Vera conditioners, Tropical Mist can restore the humid environment a tropical reptile craves while enhancing skin suppleness, respiratory function and vivid coloration. Simply spray it once daily on pets...in the terrarium too. Perfectly safe for all tropical and semi-tropical species of reptiles and amphibians. 16oz 

SRZ100011996 $6.20 



Turtle Vita - shell 2-pack

Shell and skin conditioner. Combines moisturizers, conditioners and proteins in a unique, deep penetrating cream that revitalizes dry, brittle or cracked shells and skin. 2.25 oz 

STE16965 $6.50 


Rot Guard
Nature Zone

Enhances Immune system to Control bacteria & fungus Garlic/Clove/Turmeric - Fight bacteria Goldenseal & Echinacea- immune-strengthening herbs All Natural - No Preservatives Promotes healing of tissue. Maintains healthy teeth and gums * *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 2.2oz 

SNZ59331 $7.99 



Mite Off
Zoo Med Laboratories

Controls mites in captive reptile collections. Mite off contains colloids, small electrically charged molecules that can penetrate and disrupt simple organisms like mites. Completely non-toxic and safe for the water supply and environment (no EPA listed pesticide ingredients). Mite Off has no effect on vertebrate species and other complex organisms including humans, reptiles, dogs, cats, and plants 

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Mite Guard Powder
Nature Zone

MITE GUARD is the first minimum risk pesticide for use in reptile habitats. MITE GUARD is formulated with all natural ingredients. MITE GUARD kills reptile mites safely. MITE GUARD is applied with a light dusting over the bottom of a terrarium before placing litter or other substrate material in the terrarium. Kills Mites Controls for up to three weeks A Minimum Risk Pesticide Safe & Natural - No harsh pesticides Easy to Use - Dusted in cage before adding litter. 2oz 

SNZ59311 $7.99


JurassiMite™ utilizes an all natural, non-toxic formula that safely and effectively eradicates common reptile parasites such as mites, fleas, and ticks. 2.5 Oz

SJR8546 $7.99